Our Services

Our Services

White Label Surgical Instruments (OEM)

At MARFLEX SURGICAL INSTRUMENTS we understand the quality of your products reflects your brand. If you are an established brand or a new one interested to develop or improve your supply chain with an experienced and premium quality manufacturer then reach out to us today.

All our following catalogue instruments can be manufactured to exceptional standards featuring your brand.

  • Surgical Instruments
  • Dental Instruments
  • Beauty Instruments
White Label Surgical Instruments (OEM)

Our instruments are CE compliant and feature 2D Data Matrix (UDI) in line with the latest regulatory requirements in Europe and the USA. Our products are further supported by the EC Declaration of Conformity and manufactured in facilities certified to ISO 13485 & ISO 9001.


We can offer a complete turnkey solution from start to finish. Our high-quality instruments can be custom laser marked with your brand name and packed in premium packing materials to ensure a complete experience for your clients. Our design team is always keen to assist by providing a choice of attractive designs to help you along the journey of launching or enhancing an existing brand.

Custom Laser Marking

Our laser marking solution is up to date with UDI requirements in implementation by European and FDA regulators.

The high quality, accurate and validated 2D Data matrix marking ensures full traceability and accountability in the sterile services workflow.

Processes during the laser beam-surface interaction cause structure and colour changes and can also be responsible for the reduction of corrosion resistance of the surface.

At MARFLEX SURGICAL INSTRUMENTS we use a patented unique liquid paste for laser marking which protects the instrument passivation layer from damage during the high energy marking process as prevention is the best cure. This ensures our high-quality instruments do not experience the common industry-wide problem of laser marking corrosion following sterilisation due to damaged passivation layers.

Your Initials on Instruments

We can also mark instruments to your specified letters to allow easy identification and traceability.

If you need this service, please communicate this requirement before placing an order specifying the characters to be marked. Please note there is a limitation on the number of characters that can be marked and is subject to instrument dimensions.

Custom Surgical Instruments

At MARFLEX SURGICAL INSTRUMENTS research and development dept. we develop Custom Instruments. Our in-house production facilities empowered us to bring to and forth changes as required. We offer a range of branded and customized products to help our customers achieve product individuality, brand recognition, and marketability.

We can customize any existing product or develop an entirely new product. Customization in an existing product can be of color, size, branding with your logo and personalize the product with information/graduations suited to your specific requirements.

Please contact us at info@marflex-surgical.com.com for further information.